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Underneath your feet there is a vast source of healing that you can access through skin contact with soil, grass, stone or water. The human foundation is to be healthy and vital, humans need skin contact with the earth to thrive. You need the earth's electrons.

It is called Earthing, have you heard about it?

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With Earthing we are changing lives!

Do you want to take a new step?

Do you have challenges with your health?
Do you want to prevent stress and chronic diseases?
Are you curious to learn about an all-natural method, free for everyone?

Earthing has helped thousands of people back to a happy and healthy life. 

Research shows that just 20 minutes of skin contact with the earth produces health effects such as:
  • Reduced fatigue and pain
  • Better sleep
  • Powerful healing of low-grade (chronic) inflammation.
After the webinar you will know how to: 
  • Use the Earthing method to improve your health and increase vitality
  • Expand your business with a simple yet powerful method of natural self-healing
  • Take the next steps to become a Certified Earthing Guide

The webinar is presented by:

Tom Evans: The Earth Man from UK, one of Earthing Academys Course leader apprentice and of course a Certified Earthing Guide who looks forward to spreading the good word of Earthing to the World.

Tom Evans has devoted himself to helping others through Wellness and Well-being practices in todays world which can be challenging for a number of reasons.

Tom discovered Earthing a few years ago and soon became self-aware of the healing power that Mother Earth provides each and every one of us, both physically and emotionally.


You will also meet:

Disa Mineur: is a certified Earthing Guide (of course;) yet her main field of practice is within hormonal health and fertility as a Fertility Awareness Educator and Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner.

When she saw the positive effects of Earthing on her menstrual cycle and fertility she made deep research in understanding how contact with the earth can not only optimize egg quality, therefore fertility, but increase libido and restore vitality.

Earthing changed her life completely and after suffering from diagnoses like infertility, hashimoto's and cervical dysplasia, she is now healthier than ever, largely due to the healing capacities of the earth. 

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What participants say about the course

Listen to Charlotte, Jelena, Jimmie, Tom and Louise who all are Certified Earthing Guides and spreads the important knowledge about Earthing