Restore your health with Earthing 

Through our courses you learn how to utilize the healing capacities of the earth. The result is unlimited access to better health. 

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Restore your health with Earthing

Through our courses you learn how to utilize the healing capacities of the earth. The result is unlimited access to better health. 

The method has been scientifically proven many times and we are passionate about helping others heal. 


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Did you know that you are walking on a vast source of healing?

Skin contact with the earth can heal inflammation.

It is amazing and it is called EARTHING!

So what does that actually mean?

Today billions of people are suffering due to chronic inflammatory diseases (e.g. stroke, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart or chronic respiratory diseases).

EARTHING is an infinite source of healing that STOPS inflammation in our body. 

As soon as you know where, how and when to use the method you have the tool to restore and maintain your health.


With Earthing you can:

Recover your own health

Get more energy, better sleep, less pain, a happier state of mind & less stress in your body. 

Help others heal 

Are you meant to help others to better physical and mental health? Earthing is the easiest and most accessible tool to give. 

Stay healthy

Earthing is free and accessible everywhere, making it easy to add to your everyday routine. Health doesn't have to be complicated. 


What is Earthing and why does it work? 

When we are talking about Earthing we need to talk about how our bodies are bioelectric. Yes, it is true! Your whole body, every cell and organ, works electrically. 

When you have regular skin contact with the earth your body’s electrical state is restored and stabilized. If you are disconnected on the other hand and not grounded, the body’s natural processes may not work correctly. This can lead to various types of diseases. 

Health benefits from grounding are for example; reduction of inflammation, deeper sleep, reduced pain and stress, more energy, less anxiety etc.

The method has been scientifically proven many times and one of the biggest pioneers and experts in the field is Clint Ober. 

How it helped us- Your Earthing Educators

We have been on a long journey to get where we are today- Healthy, Happy and Passionate about helping others heal. 

Before becoming Earthing Educators we had to heal our own illnesses. Read about our stories below, maybe you are going through something similar? 

Lilian Alterskjaer

Earthing pioneer in Europe 

After years of suffering over 20 different symptoms and chronic diagnoses I was filled with hopelessness and frustration. The health care and medicines I was provided didn’t help and instead of healing I got to add a bunch of side effects to my list of challenges. Natural self healing and Earthing ended up being my way back to life. 

I've made it my mission to spread my knowledge to others. After writing my book and educating around 200 Earthing Guides I'm now more than ready to bring this to the rest of the world! 

Disa Mineur

Earthing Educator & Fertility coach

I used to suffer from anxiety, stress, fatigue and fertility issues. When I found out that earthing was the puzzle piece I needed to come back to full vitality and strength my life changed completely.

Today my greatest passion in life is to educate people on how to become as healthy and happy as possible, at the same time as we take care of our precious mother earth and each other. 

What is your next step? 

_The plan (HP) CJG (1)

Earthing- Consciously Barefoot #1

You start off with the ground course Earthing- Consciously Barefoot to learn all about the method. You get a deeper understanding of how grounding works from the perspective of the cells and practically how it happens. After finishing this first step you will feel confidant in using the method yourself, as well as explaining it to others. 

Become a Certified Earthing Guide  #2

In tis follow-up course you get all the tools and knowledge you need to guide other people within the method. The goal with the follow-up is to give you a ton of new inspiration and confidence in your role as Earthing Guide. When you are finished with step two you are ready to be certified!

Certification #3

The last step is Certification!  

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What others say about the Earthing Academy:

Read how 2 of our (around 200) Certified Earthing Guiedes talk about their experiences with the method Earthing

Elise Hauksson 

Yoga teacher & Certified Earthing Guide

"Grounding and skin contact with mother-earth has always been a way for me to come back home to myself. The course certified earthing guide, showed me scientifically why I feel so amazing when I am walking barefoot in the forest."

Marie Nylen

Fatigue Therapist & Certified Earthing Guide

“I used to suffer from varicose veins and problems with my spine. Thanks to the course “Certified Earthing Guide” I realized the power of Earthing and how it heals our bodies. Earthing was exactly what I needed. My varicose veins got better, I was less swollen and the problems in my spine also disappeared. Thank you Lilian <3"

Where is your nearest Earthing Guide?

Only Certified Grounding Guides are on the map. Take help of a trained Earthing Guide and learn more about Earthing and how you can in the simplest way boost your body with natural self-healing using skin contact with the earth.

Zoom in on the map and you will find your nearest Certified Earthing Guide.