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You have the opportunity to change your life and help others to better health thanks to our 21-day program in three steps:

Earthing and its health benefits

Complete all 7 short lessons to gain deeper knowledge on the principles of earthing, and attend weekly live sessions.

Become a Certified Earthing Guide 

This module gives you exercises and training for the certification. It gives you the tools and confidence to share the knowledge further.

Get your certificate with pride

Take the theory test verbally and through our online test. Present in short your plans for your first activity during the live session.

In short, how does it work?

  • Directly after your payment you will have access to Module 1 in the online course "Become a Certified Earthing Guide" with associated assignments. You will get an e-mail with your login information for the course portal. 
  • We meet live online on 4 occasions with the first occasion on the start date of the course, and then the same weekday the following 3 weeks. Your course leader goes through the lessons and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. The course is a 21-day program that gives you clear guidance and daily simple tasks.
  • 1 hour per day. Listen, learn and be inspired by a series of presentations, films and other selected material. It also includes daily short energizing tasks.
  • You get coaching and support through our 4 recurring zoom meetings.

What participants say about the course

Listen to Jelena, Tom and Louise who all are Certified Earthing Guides and spreads the important knowledge about Earthing

Step 1 - BASICS

"Earthing and its health benefits"

You will start off with the BASIC course where you will learn the fundamental basis for how Earthing affects your body.   

The course will give you a deeper understanding of the method Earthing. Starting from a cellular level working your way through to the practical knowledge on how to implement it in your everyday life.  

You will learn when, where and how you ground yourself to access the healing electrons from the earth. Step 1 is all about giving you the inspiration and knowledge you need to master the method in your own life, so you become confident sharing it with others. 


The basic course is divided into 7 important sections

1. Cellular Health -Love, respect and learn about your many billions of cells. Getting to know your cells will award you forever - this is where you find the key to long lasting health. 

2. Mitochondria- Meet your magical source of power. Do you wish you had more energy? In this module you learn how to utilize the energy stored in your mitochondria. 

3. Bright Sparks - Knowledge of Earthing and Humans as bioelectrical beings. What is Earthing? Are you detached from the bioelectric field of the earth? Learn how to heal by reconnection and staying grounded. 

4. Why Grounding- Exploring Earthing science and the benefits Can you empower your immune system and improve its effects in less than 30 minutes? What is discovered in research? Learn how to decrease stress and inflammation and boost your immune system. 

5. Reconnect -Earthing practice. Learn the most effective ways to ground yourself. This module is expanding your tool box with ways of how to be and stay grounded. 

6. Electromagnetic fields (EMF)- Basic understanding of EMF and how to limit exposure. How to protect ourselves from radiation and prevent it from causing low grade inflammation. 

7. Indoor Earthing - How to absorb the earth’s electrons at home. What do we do when the winter arrives, the ground is too far away, and walking barefoot suddenly doesn’t sound too appealing? Learn how to stay grounded while sleeping or taking a bath. This module is all about creative solutions and DIY earthing gear as well as learning what products are the best to use.

Step 2 & 3 - Guide Specialization and certification

"Become a Certified Earthing Guide" 

In step two we'll go through everything you need to know when guiding other people in the Earthing method.  

The goal with the guide specialization is for you to grow your self confidence and empower yourself in your new role as a Certified Earthing Guide. 

When you've completed step two you are ready to continue with the certification! You will get to put your knowledge to test both theoretically and practically at our last live meeting. 


More information about step 2 & 3


The Guide Specialization will give you:

  • Solid tips on how to implement the Earthing method in your business
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge on how to guide others
  • Inspiration on how to empower yourself as a guide


Table of content  "Become a Certified Earthing Guide" 

  • You will dive deeper into basic knowledge of guiding - you will learn about what you should think about practically and theoretically when you take people out on a guided tour. You get inspiration and strengthened self-esteem to become a guide. You get practical tips and help documents to follow and be inspired by.
  • You will plan an activity or develop a branch in your existing business that you´d like to implement



  • The last online meeting of the course contains individual oral examination in smaller groups. You will present the 7 principles Of Earthing as well as the planned activity/branch in business.
  • After the last call you will be guided to a theory test. Similar to a "driver's license exam" where you can test your knowledge, giving you confidence in the 7 principles of Earthing.


As soon as you have done the knowledge test and participated in the oral examination you will receive:

  • A Certificate that shows you are a Certified Earthing Guide
  • Access to our Facebook community group "Certified Earthing Guide"
  • Logos that you can use in your own materials when you market yourself and invite to grounding activities  
  • Submit your information to be included in our map for Certified Earthing Guides in the World

Book your place and get access to:

Our 21-day program that gives you unique knowledge and clear guidance, with simple daily tasks that lead to increased vitality and gives you the power to help others.

After 21 days you will have a valuable certification for expansion of your dream/business.

The program includes:

6 hours of group coaching and access to Community:
Deepen your knowledge, grow your community and ask all your questions during the course's 4 meetings online - Value 416 €

The Online Course:
"Become a Certified Earthing Guide" - Value 467 €

  • Get the right tools
  • Learn the best methods
  • Deepen the understanding of Earthing 

The e-book: 
"Consciously Barefoot - About Earthing and healing inflammations" - Value 12 €

Certification + Certificate - Value 138 €

  • Your proof of knowledge of the Earthing Method
  • A part in our worldwide network
  • Your unique place on our international map of Certified Earthing Guides

Total value 1033 Euro

Your price 524 Euro (excluding VAT)

You can pay in installments. 


For those who are on sick leave, unemployment, pensioners, students or have an age below 26, there is the possibility of a 20% discount.  

To receive this discount you need to present a valid certificate as proof sent to our email. You will then receive a special link in our answer.

Do you have questions? Please reach out to us at: 


Elise Hauksson

Yoga teacher & Certified Earthing Guide

"Grounding and skin contact with mother-earth has always been a way for me to come back home to myself. The course certified earthing guide, showed me scientifically why I feel so amazing when I am walking barefoot in the forest."

Elin Holmgren

Entrepreneur & Certified Earthing Guide

"Natural healing is something we have forgotten in today's society.
The course Certified Earthing Guide has given me knowledge and inspiration to develop myself and my company around recovery and sustainability. For my own health, the knowledge of Earthing has shown me new ways for recovery and reduced inflammation in the body."

Meet the team

Lilian Alterskjaer
Course Founder

Author, popular speaker and wellness advocate, Lilian is a champion of natural self-healing and brings her educational expertise to this world-first earthing certification course, inspired by the founder of Earthing, Clint Ober.

Disa Mineur
Earthing Educator

From chronic fatique, infertility and autoimmune issues, Disa’s life changing health journey to luminous vitality has been an inspiration to hundreds of women. A leading fertility coach, Disa educates people on hormonal health.

Susanne Diffner
Course Coordinator

Certified Earthing Guide, Group Coach and digital magician, Susanne lights the way with her wisdom and guidance, ensuring the behind-the-scenes keeps running, your questions get answered, and the ship keeps sailing high.

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